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Small Group Sessions

Reformer / Tower

A synergy of Pilates Reformer and Tower techniques exploring classical and contemporary Pilates to strengthen and lengthen your body while balancing stability with flexibility. No two sessions are the same.

Intermediate Reformer/Tower

An intermediate apparatus-based small group session designed to challenge your coordination by integrating various movement patterns of classical and contemporary Pilates. Students are expected to understand and execute basic Pilates exercises.


80% Work / 20% Stretch & Restorative. This well-balanced Pilates-based group session will invigorate you and restore your vitality, just as Joe Pilates intended.

Back to Basics

An apparatus-based small group session perfect for novices and more experienced clients looking to revisit Pilates fundamentals.

Advanced Reformer/Tower $50 per classFrom $47 per visit with 5 Small Group Sessions passNo purchase required to enroll