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Private Training

Introductory Private Session

Private introductory session designed to acquaint NEW CLIENTS with basic Pilates principles and prepare for group classes.

Private Session

Private Session where the instructor develops and designs a program suitable for your specific needs.

Power Plate Session

PowerPlate is Acceleration based Training using Whole Body Vibration Technology. Acceleration Training equips the body to work harder, faster, recover better, and build strong muscles without building bulky muscles. Our trained instructors guide you through a full-body workout in less than 30min!

Express Private Session

All the benefits of a Private Session in half the time.

Duet Session

Pilates is always better with friends! Duet Session allows you and your friend to experience the personal attention of a private session while working out together. {NOTE: Partners should be equal fitness level}

Virtual Private Session

Can't get to the studio? No problem! Enjoy personal private training from wherever you are with our Live Virtual Private Training Sessions. Look, move, and feel your best no matter where you are.

Virtual Express Private Session

All the convenience and benefits of a Virtual Private Session in half the time.

Power Plate Duet Session

Double the fun with Power Plate Duets! {NOTE: Partners should be equal fitness level}


Our 30min unique private assessment will help to discover and understand what your body is telling you on a deeper level. Our assessment will establish a baseline of existing movement patterns. Learn to rebalance your body to REDUCE pain and GAIN freedom of movement.