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Terms and conditions for Express Private Sessions - 8 Sessions/Month

Plan is in force for 3 months from the Plan Start Date, with automatic renewal for subsequent months, unless terminated by either Client or Sentirsi Studio. Client may terminate Plan with notification at least 15 days in advance of the next billing date; Termination fee applies - see (g) below. Plan may be terminated at any time by Sentirsi Studio.

Client agrees to pay Sentirsi Studio monthly recurring fees as follows:

"Express Private Sessions - 8 Sessions/Month" Plan for $360/month via Client authorized automatic credit card charges. Payment in monthly increments by any means other than Client's credit card is
not permitted.

Please read and sign below.
(a) I agree to purchase the "Express Private Sessions - 8 Sessions/Month" Plan for $360 as an automatic charge to my credit card each month.
(b) I understand I will be charged for any Session that is Late Cancelled (cancelled within 24 hours of start of the Session.)
(c) I hereby certify that I am the holder of the credit card provided to Sentirsi Studio.
(d) I understand that I will be notified if my credit card payment fails to authorize for any reason, and that a $10 late fee will apply if I do not provide a valid credit card information within 10 calendar days of the original rejection date.
(e) I understand that my Plan will be deactivated if my account becomes more than 15 calendar days late.
(f) I understand that I can take up to 8 Express Private Sessions per month. Up to 2 unused sessions may "roll over" to next billing month.
(g) I understand that I may terminate the "Express Private Sessions - 8 Sessions/Month" Plan by submitting a written Plan termination request to Sentirsi Studio at least 15 days prior to my next billing date. I understand that if I terminate the Plan prior to the completion of the 3-month contract period, an $180 termination fee applies and will be automatically charged to my credit card.

By signing below, I authorize autopay and agree to the terms and conditions of the "Express Private Sessions - 8 Sessions/Month" Plan