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Education Courses

Teacher Training and Continuing Educational Courses

The Most Unstable Joint: The Complex Shoulder $299Purchase required to enroll

This course explores the etiology of various shoulder pathologies. You will gain the knowledge to identify and thoroughly understand shoulder pathologies and contributing factors. Learn how to devise appropriate programming in personal training and group class environments.

CECs: 6 PMA credits

Conquering your Fear of Training the Overweight Client $299Purchase required to enroll

Obesity is an epidemic. Learn how to effectively train your obese and overweight clients with compassion and results. Attend our Live Workshop to gain skills and learn new methods to train your overweight clients. After attendance of the Workshop you will be equipped with the following: -Compassionate Client Intake Assessment and Process -When and How to Progress your client -Learn effective cueing -Focus on guiding your client thru various exercises on the Pilates Apparatus including, Reformer, Cadillac, Mat, Wunda Chair, and use of props.


The Dynamic Duo: Sacroiliac Sacroiliac Dysfunction & Sciatica $299Purchase required to enroll

In this live workshop, you will gain knowledge about sacroiliac, low back and sciatica pain. One of the most common complaints of our society and reason many clients choose to explore Pilates! You will learn how to identify lower crossed syndromes of muscle imbalance and apply approaches and methods to work WITH your clients.


Release, Align, Reform Continuing Edu $299Purchase required to enroll

This workshop will address the functional anatomy, joint action and/or joint affected, common pathology, and educate instructors to recognize the signs of lower leg, Lumbo-pelvic–hip, and upper body complex dysfunctions. We will teach the release /stretch corrective exercise for each complex. The Release, Align, and Reform technique is used to improve movement patterns for performance, coordination, and endurance for all clients.

CECs: 6 PMA credits

Pilates Anatomy, Posture & Biomechanics (APB) $599Purchase required to enroll

Pilates Mat (APM 1 & 2) $1,320Purchase required to enroll

Pilates Reformer (APR 1 & 2) $2,330Purchase required to enroll

Pilates Cadillac (APC 1 & 2) $1,550Purchase required to enroll

Pilates Chair (APCh 1 & 2) $1,010Purchase required to enroll

Pilates Barrels (APB 1 & 2) $580Purchase required to enroll

Garuda Foundations Mat $1,600Purchase required to enroll

Garuda Barre $1,400Purchase required to enroll

Garuda Apparatus $1,600Purchase required to enroll